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Principal's Corner

Welcome to Colbert County High School, Home of the Indians!!!!

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From the Principal's Pen,

The Colbert County Board of Education, Superintendent Gale Satchel, as well as the Colbert County High School administrators, faculty, staff,  and students are excited about the upcoming academic school year.  We are equally excited about Colbert County High School's website. This site is a significant aspect of our commitment to embrace a rapidly changing society.  The integration of technology will provide an almost seamless connection between school and home, between teachers and parents, and between teachers and students.

Technology in schools has advanced significantly in recent years. Computer technology has changed how classrooms function at Colbert County High School. Classroom assignments and upcoming school events can be found online and communication to parents will be delivered via e-mail in addition to regular means of communication. Most reading, mathematics, science and social studies programs used at school can also be found online. If your student attends school at Colbert County High School, many of these resources can be found at, along with other information about how technology is utilized in the classroom. Students can also type specific lessons into a Google search and discover some of the wonderful, and often free, programs on the Internet.

The educational process is a means to an end; yet, the process never really ends.  Learning is a life-long process that we instill in our students. Education at Colbert County High School encompasses raising the bar to higher levels of educational excellence.  Our goal is to help every student to, not only seek, but to reach academic success through a rigorous set of standards designed to meet the goals of PLAN 2020 as set by the Alabama State Department of Education.  Our educational standards are designed to ensure that no child is left behind at the starting gate.

To celebrate the great historical tradition of Colbert County High School, we have adopted the "Pride of the Tribe" statement of declaration. Displayed throughout the school, "Pride in the Tribe," is demonstrated in the dedication of our faculty and staff, in the success of our students, whether through academic endeavors, athletic abilities, or extracurricular activities, and throughout our involvement within the community and business entities.  With the continued support of the Colbert County Board of Education, Dr. Gale Satchel, the faculty members and all other stakeholders, we will continue to provide a challenging curriculum for all students so that they may become productive citizens in the future.

This year the Colbert County School system has implemented the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This is our first year so please be patient with us. We will need everyones assistant with implementing the new policy.

Thank you for your support, assistance, dedication, and contribution to the success of Colbert County High School. 

Melcha Satchel