Heritage Walk of Honor

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Dear CCHS Family:

Two years ago at our class reunion the class of 1950 became interested in showing our appreciation for what our high school has enabled us to accomplish.  Also, it seemed that some recognition of the centennial birthday of CCHS would be quite appropriate.  Further, since LTS has served many students in the area and is an integral part of CCHS, we felt that LTS graduates should be fully recognized as well.

Growing from our discussion came a resolve to establish a HERITAGE WALK OF HONOR to acknowledge the achievements of our graduates in the areas of Academics, Athletics, Career Achievements, and the Humanities.  All awardees will be recognized with a 12 x 12 inch tile which will be inscribed with their name, year of graduation and area(s) of achievement.  Tiles will be laid as the floor of the WALK surrounding the entrance to the school.

A marble monument will be placed near the entrance of the school that will give the preamble to the awards and will recognize the benefactors of the project. The initial cost of the WALK has been raised by the class of 1950 with the generous help of several benefactors from the community who will be recognized permanently and prominently on the WALK.  A fee of $100 will be charged for each nomination for an award so that the WALK shall be self-sustaining.

We invite you to nominate one or more graduates of CCHS or LTS whom you feel worthy in any of the areas mentioned.  Nominations must contain a letter of nomination, the nomination fee ($100) and a resume' showing appropriate achievements for the areas involved.  These documents may be prepared by the nominee or a person well acquainted with the professional activities of the nominee such as a family member, co-worker, descendant, or close friend and should be typed or in CD form.  The nomination fee may be presented by anyone willing to aid in the selection process and will be returned to the sender if the nominee is rejected.

Please submit applications to Col. Clyde Harrison (256)314-4066, 185 Barbara Street, Tuscumbia, AL 35674, Chairman Credentialling Committee.  General questions may be made to Raymond Isbell (256)383-8742, Carolyn Fennell (256)446-8318, Hollis Isbell (256)762-5499, Tom Coburn (256)383-6029, William Gotcher (256)446-5406, or Walter J. Davis (256)381-3018.

We encourage all people interested in this project to become involved in this early stage of development and to help us as we make it become a source of pride for all.


Raymond Isbell
Steering Committee