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Colbert County High School

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 The Pride of Leighton

Colbert County High School is located in Leighton, Alabama, part of the lovely Shoals Area of northwest Alabama.  The school serves grades 7-12 and meets the needs of a diverse student body of approximately 400 students.

A dedicated faculty and staff of 53 individuals serves the needs of our students.  Seventy-four percent of the faculty hold advanced degrees.

We take Pride in our Tribe and work to make CCHS the best it can be!!!



The History of Colbert County High School
Article from “1976—The Bi-Centennial Year in Pictures Taken at CCHS”

The history of Colbert County High School dates back to the year 1910. The school is located in the historic town of Leighton, Alabama, which is located in eastern Colbert County at the intersection of U.S. Highway 72 and Colbert County Highway 48.

The town owes it name to a Baptist preacher named Reverend William Leigh from Amelia County, Virginia, who came to the “crossroads community” sometime prior to 1823. Records reveal his active participation in the Muscle Shoals Baptist Association in 1823. He quickly gained recognition as a spiritual and community leader, and soon after his arrival, the “crossroads community” adopted the name of Leighton from his name. Reverend Leigh owned all the land in the present corporate limits of the town of Leighton plus quite a bit more. He was Grand Master of the Lodge of Alabama in 1834.

Reverend Leigh laid the foundation for the spiritual life of Leighton by giving land and leading in the construction of the original church and lodge building in Leighton. This land was given to Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, and Masons. He started the development of the town of Leighton by building a home and storehouse. Previously, the only building was a tavern that stood near the crossroads. The community slowly developed as new residents built homes in the area and was officially incorporated under the laws of Alabama in 1890. Because of the Town’s location, it became a leading trade center for this section of the state and served the farm population for many miles around.

The founding fathers of Leighton were deeply conscious of the importance of education. In 1826, the LaFayette Academy was begun in the nearby Village of LaGrange. At first only girls were admitted, but later boys were permitted to attend. LaGrange College was opened in 1830 by Methodists of Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, and operated by Bishop Robert Faine. In 1855, the doors of LaGrange College were closed and the faculty and students moved in a body of Florence where Florence Wesleyan University began operation in 1855 with 150 students. All of this school was lost as the war came to Alabama in 1861. In 1872 the Florence Normal School succeeded as a gift to the State Education Department by the Methodist Church-South. It is recorded that Bishop Paine always considered this school, and its successors, a continuation of his LaGrange College of 1830. State records reveal that LaGrange College was the first chartered college in Alabama. In February of 1858 it was reopened as a military academy and served well as the “West Point of the Confederacy.” It became known as LaGrange Military Academy in 1860 by order of the trustees. A Union company led by Colonel F.N. Cormyn burned the school, contrary to the wishes of his superior officer General Granville Dodge, on April 28, 1863. This Federal Company very property termed themselves the “destroying angels” and burned more than 100 homes in the valley during the spring of 1863.

The Leighton Male and Female Academy located about one-half mile northwest of the central business district, was the next effort at education for the Leighton community. It was chartered by an act of the State Legislature in 1888.

In 1907 the State Legislature provided for one high school in each county of the state. Various communities competed with each other in a lively fashion, but the Leighton community was selected in preference to both Cherokee and Tuscumbia when an offer was made to put up a $12,000 building. The Leighton High School was opened in 1910.

Presently Colbert County High School serves grades 7 through 12. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities and offers students a wide variety of courses and extra-curricular activities.